10 at the beach front Abuse anyone seeking peace.

10 at the beach front Abuse anyone seeking peace.

If anyone would like to relax at the beach in summer. The blue sky Crystal clear waters Sunshine made this summer Dauphin chores lol stop this idea a bit, because we can actually go to the sea front as well. Even faced with the wetness or rain showers gloomy sky. But do not forget that “After the Storm is always beautiful,” the key to peaceful fascinating as well. So today gearbox Com has collected 10 beach front property on the island from around Thailand too. Try to touch the lives of people on the island charming sea view do not lose it. Starting at the …

10 at the beach front Abuse anyone seeking peace
1. Destination Trang
Destination largest island in the Trang. Island residents have lived a lot. There are many villages The villagers also make simple lifestyle fishery, plantations and mostly Islamic. However, another thing is the highlight of Destination is “dugong” animal mammals that are now extinct, but many will find the Destination. Because the area around the island is filled with sea grass, which is that of a manatee. So Destination has been declared a Hunting Island libong.

For sightseeing places such as beaches, yearning peaked capacity. At low tide to reach the beach hut. Seabirds and shorebirds are many immigrants who come to live here to escape winter only. Especially in November and December as rail collared kingfisher birds, green Tern bearded, white-tailed black legs, head and so on.

Travel: A boat from the pier Chao. Pier Ban Phrao on Destination. Or charter It takes 20 minutes on the island, accommodation for tourists. (Privately owned) contact information. County Hunting Island libong phone 075-251932.
2. James Bond Island, Phang Nga Province
James Bond island in Phang Nga Bay National Park, the “James Bond” means “flag” is derived from the Indonesian language. In the past, families Javanese Indonesians or three families, one of the “table Naboo” is leading the exodus out for a new livelihood. It was agreed that if anyone finds a fertile arable to flag them.

Most of the islands located in the Gulf doubted Phang Nga Bay National Park and the mangrove forest. A village of four villages were among the first home port side located in shallow water in the bay, among the two island doubted located in shallow waters in the bay, among the three Bamboo Island is located on the island and mangrove island and pigs. The four small island located on an island in Phang Nga Bay. The village will be built in the middle of the sea without any ground. The island also has an ancient fishing communities who live behind the flat island doubted the shelter and set up small villages, each house is elevated above the water. And most villagers are Muslim, it has devoted a small plateau of the island doubted the mosque. Which is the heart and soul of the people. Also, if you visit the island to see the real life indigenous fishermen who have assimilated Islamic peoples minds. Also on the island with only one flat area farm has actually played a football field. It comes from the efforts of the island itself. You can see that. Kohpanyee.go.th
3. Koh Payam Ranong
To visit the tranquil island will not go “Downtown” … how true. The island of Koh Payam is one of two large islands of the Sea of Ranong. The island has a traditional community that continues to this day with professional fishermen. Fishing in the vicinity of the island. On top tourist attractions such as Downtown, near the Harbour Bridge to the north is located. “Downtown Abbey” with a church in the sea. Buddha Buddha Leela stand on the roof facing the sea. A cement bridge leading to the church. The temple is a unique character. And point guard noticed but far short boat ride to the island. Not far from the temple to be a “white stone bay” with a large white stone dominated the sea. And a location “The father of white stone” sacred to the locals is to respect each other very much. By the legendary father white stone that has incited their ancestors. And indicates which direction to settle here.

The north end of the island will be “bamboo bay”, then cross over to the West. “Deer Creek in the” bay with plenty of shade. Secluded Beautiful beaches If to the south of the port will be “sharp stone”, followed by “Pearl Harbor,” a calm and private. The offshore Gulf Pearl to reach the location of the “island” cross when low tide occurs sandbar connecting two islands together which were often called Koh Kham as “Whale Island” by the appearance of it.

Payam on a “Big Bay”, located in the southwest area of the island, is another highlight. The bay is a large area and its name. It is a long, curved bay inlets around four kilometers tide to see a long, wide beaches slope gently down to the sea. A tight sand A pleasant walk from the sandy beach at Big Bay 2 color combinations are yellow with gray. At low tide are visible as streaks on the waves and “Buffalo Bay” with a long curved bay is about two kilometers from the second bend bent into a similar dilemma. This is a calm bay. Despite staying up enough. But not to the NHS At low tide the beach is a wide stretch far. And Buffalo Bay area in late also, “he surpassed” is another highlight of the Gulf (near Koh Payam has the island. At one end of the island, a stone Buddha statue cavity on top).
4. Magic Island Chanthaburi
Magic Island is located at Bang Chan. The island, which is a pilot project using renewable energy mix. The use of solar energy for electricity generators and electricity to the houses on the island. There were about 100 homes using the stored value prepaid fire. The majority of population shrimp fishermen fishing trip.

The attractiveness of island charm Logic is to go with a host family. Eat fresh seafood at affordable prices. And people known to walk one day pass. Ideal for people to relax by playing the style was originally a fishing village on the island took nearly a hundred years as a community of peace. The men go out fishing together, leaving only the women and children who live on the island. Magic Island is a beautiful island. By this logic island of Koh care management, energy and environmental well. A waste management is a system that can be an example to other islands nearby travelers who prefer a home-stay tourism should not be missed greatly. Because you will experience the simple life in a quiet lunch in bright sunshine. Also, if you walk to the other side of the ninth. The east The measure passed through the school through a tank of water to absorb enough sweat. It will find a quiet beach on the east side, it’s not pretty, but it’s enough to swim in the sea as well.

Koh Logic: the Road to the intersection to Koh Chang Ferry Pier. Turn right towards the harbor island ferry. Then turn right towards a canister. You can park at the port. Then the ferry to the island Logic.
5. Protection Island, Chumphon
Protection Island is among the 14 parishes some fresh water. A small island about 25 kilometers away from the District, Lang’s long-tail boat from Ao mortar locals to the island protector. In the past, people called “ghost island greet” with the story that a fishing boat drifting fishing boat to the island protector. And seen villagers on the island beckon. But back to the island residents live on the island, not even one.

Currently, the island has beautiful rocks. The crystal clear water to swim. And fishing villages scattered around the island. Eastern has a small beach behind the island is the view of around 200 meters at low tide, a short walk from the pier mortars across the island. The villagers on the island defenders organized home stay tourism. This eco-tourism You can see more details. Kohpitakthai.com
6. Siray Island to Phuket.
Another island that is not very large. In the southeast of the island. China poses a canal between the two islands. The bridge consecutive areas. If you like nature tourism with the study of the lifestyles of the local people, then Siray Island is another option that is no less interesting.

Cape Gecko is located. Gypsy or the water or the new Thailand. The settlers live in the south of Thailand. But mainly in the islands in the Indian Ocean island’s main fishery for fish. And what is unique here is that many of the Light Tower House Sire. Typically, we tend to see conventional light pole. But Koh Siray light poles all the branches are tied to an electric pole, which may have never met before. Also on the island are also natural and beautiful scenery that is coupled with the existence of a unique lifestyle of the locals. It also measured Sire is measured on a hilltop with breathtaking views of the island, far out of sight. The summit is the temple of the Reclining Buddha at large. The island is located on the peninsula for tourists who want to stay on this island as well.
7. Chang, Chonburi Province
Chang Si Racha, approximately 12 kilometers away from the coast is another island to visit in the local atmosphere. Which can be visited in a single day or night time. The shrine community on the east side of the island. The site of the Port of divine descent (lower position) and are beginning to travel by tricycle or Skylab to other spots on the island tourist spot on the island as his shrine. The shrine sacred to respect, Buddha Footprint. He was elevated to the top of the shrine of his reign, he summoned the five to be enshrined. The peak is the point of view of the surrounding sea.

Hellfire Pass is located on the back of the island. If a boat ride through the gorge. In Bridge for a scenic walk. You can watch a beautiful sunset beach round stones, with rounded stones of various sizes in the past used to be the Pavilion overlooking the reign of the fifth and Khao beach break. Located on the western side of the island A wide beach Clean and beautiful A sand Crystal clear waters ideal for swimming.

The trip from Bangkok to Koh Si Chang bus from Bus Terminal to Sriracha. The car in front Robinson Sriracha. Then the motorcycle or motor tricycle taxi to the pier. The boat from Sriracha to the shrine every day. Takes about 45 minutes
8. algae Island Satun

Algae Islands The port is being built Che. Muang Satun, just 12 kilometers to the boat to the island throughout the day. It takes only 15 minutes, a village on the island of Djerba well. This is a great community Thailand mainly Muslim fishing career. The island’s abundant natural resources. Also nearby there are two islands, which the locals call it. The island grew and grew on the island Ya Nui. There are beaches all around the island The island has a fishing village Made of coconut and rubber plantations.

Wonders are located near each other The island is just five minutes to see the island algae large flat round width of just one kilometer island is filled with the remains flat clam shell mounds for several hundred million years. Shells billion items were blowing waves accumulate a large island for us to walk on the island. Locals called it the graveyard shell clams. On the island, the seaweed is not even a grain of sand. But the key is that the laws of nature. “Do all travelers keep returning to the ruined shell”.

Lol Also, not all activities only. It also has an eco-tourism opportunities such as community Bagan will open flights a day – trip. Or stay at a homestay experience the lifestyle of the home. Who lives with her true nature. For fish, shellfish catch a boat out to learn how to find local food with a dry salted fish, shellfish, or if you want to eat fresh seafood certainly not disappointed. It is also home to one of the most seagrass. The seagrass, dugongs feed. Fisher made the manatee swims out to find food more frequently.

Consisting of Lanta Yai and Koh Lanta Noi