10 Venues flower queen tiger Luscious mind

10 Venues flower queen tiger Luscious mind

Then it will close again for the festival audience Giant tiger flower. Or as we called it. “Sakura Thailand” which this year heard chants that the cherry blossoms will bloom during the month of January. But you have to wait for confirmation from officials in each location that will bloom in the flower queen tiger on it. Each site will have a home that is not the same. But before you go check than the cherry blossoms are in bloom now in Thailand. Let’s check list is good too. That we are able to experience the romantic atmosphere of this route where pink. Then prepare pen book data from it.

1. Wind shield Phu Province

5.15.2 Phu wind shield of high mountains in the park PhuHinRongKla side Kok Sathon district. Dan Sai district in Loei, where it’s known as the place with the most queen tiger in Thailand. Covering an area of over 1200 hectares of the season when flowers blossom queen tiger. The valley is a beautiful pink even if it is extremely cold, the atmosphere is romantic and over again in every flower queen tiger year will bloom during the month of January. And will bloom just 1-2 weeks. If you do not want to miss the good times should check with officials again in late December. And the vehicles can go up to the mountain wind shield have to be a pickup only. The path is still rough During the festival there will be a car -. Administration of District Kok Sathon service. For more information on Kok Sathon District Administrative Office Tel. 0 4203 9867.

Location: District Kok Sathon Dan Sai district in Loei.

Phone: Tambon Administrative Kok Sathon phone 0 4203 9867, Phu Hin Rong Kla phone 0 5535 6607, 08 1596 5977.
Travel can travel two routes.
1. From the Phetchabun Driving to the park PhuHinRongKla. Through a separate entrance Phu Thap withdraw. And Tollgate Park Then heading to Phu wind shield.
2. Dan Sai district in Loei Through the village fountain Turn into the village to Phu Kok Sathon district sterile water wind shield.

2. Research and Training Center for Agricultural Khun Chang Kian. Chiangmai Province

5.35.4 Research and Training Center for Agricultural Khun Chang Kian. Located in the village of Khun Chang Kian. Downtown District, Chiang Mai Away from the city about 28 kilometers above the sea level of approximately 1200-1300 meters, covering an area of over 262 acres within the main crops are coffee Arabica. Temperate fruit Winter vegetable crops and other plants to explore. Moreover, the surrounding area, embraced by mountains. And chilly Land of Mist also has the queen tiger abundance. That made during the month of January of every year. Here is the most romantic place. It is filled with pink blossom of the flower queen tiger. The valley full bloom Chasing down the mountain complex. Alternating with green sugar of some trees. Some point to the home of Sam and Karen. The beautiful scenery Very rare

The blooming of the cherry blossoms have to be closely monitored. It is time to bloom only briefly and uncertainties please contact the Research and Training Center for Agricultural Khun Chang Kian Tel. 0 5394 4053, 0 5322 2014.
Location: Downtown District, Chiang Mai.
Tel: 0 5394 4053, 0 5322 2014.
Getting there: Drive along Huay Kaew Road. Chiang Mai Driving uphill through Doi Suthep. Jomtien Phu Ping Palace. Turn right at the junction Hmong Doi Pui. And towards research stations and agricultural training center at Khun Chang Kian. Rather tortuous path must use caution when driving.

3. Agricultural Research Station at San Pa Kia, Chiangmai Province

5.5 Agricultural Research Station at San Pa Kia. Located high on a ridge Situated approximately 1560 meters above sea level, covering an area of approximately 60 hectares and is located on a high mountain, so here is cold all year round. A point overlooking the Doi Luang Chiang Dao clearly and very beautiful and mist spectacular to watch.

Also, here is a point that many plant queen tiger. Therefore, in the winter, will become a popular place for tourists in the cold air challenge. Doi Luang Chiang Dao and watch it along with the beauty of the flower queen tiger, which is on station and camping ground accommodation to tourists. The period of blooming flowers queen tiger in the month of January. Further details of the queen of flowers blooming tiger at the Agricultural Research Station at San Pa Kia Doi Chiang Dao Tel. 0 5322 2014, 0 5394 4052.
Location: in San Pa Kia’s Chiang Dao, Mae. Chiangmai Province
Tel: 0 5322 2014, 0 5394 4052.
Getting there: From Highway 107 through Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, Mae Malai turn left at the junction of Ma’s mother. A sign that the Mae Taman Watershed Management will continue to drive the junction and turn right. Through the village of Pang Pang Ho Hang Dan Ranger Hygakad outstanding. Ban San Pa Kia The Agricultural Research Station at San Pa Kia.

4. Watershed Management pendents. Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son Province

5.6 Doi Khun Mae Ya or Watershed Management pendents. Located in Tambon Pa Pae Mae Taeng district of Chiang Mai. And Mae Hee, Pai. Located on the mountain, about 2,020 meters above sea level, the surrounding area is cold all year round. Suitable for the growth of the queen tiger. The Watershed Development Unit The surrounding area has planted dozens of trees. When winter weather is suitable for the queen of flowers blooming tiger. This whole mountain is filled with cherry blossom pink city of Thailand. Bloom throughout the valley And the surrounding area

The queen tiger flowers that bloom then. Visitors can also watch the mist and the sun rising in the morning was gorgeous. A romantic atmosphere, which the Watershed Management pendents it home. Along with camping ground is also available. Tel. 0 5321 7453, 08 2184 0878.
Location: Pa Pae, Mae Taeng district of Chiang Mai. And Mae Hee, Pai.
Tel: 0 5321 7453, 08 2184 0878.
Getting there: From Chiang Mai. Take Highway 107 as the primary km 34, turn left on Highway 1095 on the way to Pai. Huai Nam Dang National Park, the entrance to approximately one kilometer to the checkpoint with her mother. Turn left and go approximately 8 kilometers to the Watershed Management pendents.

5. Doi Ang Khang, Chiang Mai

5.7 Doi Ang Khang Royal Agricultural Station Angkhang. Another route to watch the most beautiful flower queen tiger. Follow the road up to Doi Ang Khang side of the meandering back and forth. Is tinged with pink flowers bloom vividly queen tiger. Here is a romantic route that tourists want to visit a few times in my life.

Ang Khang Royal Agricultural Station Located in Fang, Chiang Mai, Mae Ngon. A research station on vegetable crops. Temperate fruits The winter flowers The station is decorated beautifully. Visitors can drive to explore the surrounding stations. Or ride a mule to visit the park in the first part of the station as well. In the winter of each year. Especially the queen tiger flowers bloom. Here are circulating more people to visit more than a thousand people a day. I can appreciate the flower queen tiger unveiled pink bloom over the hill. And lined the road up to the station and the area surrounding the station. The queen tiger flowers bloom in January. But it is a time of year that must be closely monitored. Each year the climate is changing Winter is not ready For more information, call the Tourist Information Centre beside the sink. 0 5396 9489.
Location: Mae Ngon, Fang district, Chiang Mai province.
Tel: 0 5396 9489
Getting there: From the city, take Highway 107 toward Fang. At the Chiang Dao at Km 137, turn left. The signpost Doi Ang Khang. Drive straight up carefully. Because of the narrow and steep The curve is quite a lot Must have expertise in drive and its path.

6. Breeding of dairy cattle (feed drop).

5.8 Breeding of dairy cattle (feed drop) lead to the initiative of His Majesty the King. To want to give the villagers to stop growing opium. And to grow vegetables and flowers in winter instead. Covering an area of approximately 450 hectares within the Research Center. Convert a temperate fruit trees such as peach, pear, plum eye Mackinac Marine or strawberry to visit. If you come during the harvest, visitors can pick up a fresh taste.

But the breeding of dairy cattle (feed drop) are most active during the month of January every year. It is cold It is the queen tiger flowers bloom, too. The research center will have on the queen tiger planted along both sides of the road. And dozens of surrounding trees. By the time the flowers bloom simultaneously queen tiger that this will become a paradise for flower lovers to do it. For further details Tel. 0 5311 4133, 0 5311 4136.
Location: Moo 10 Tambon Mae Win, Mae Wang, Chiang Mai.
Tel: 0 5311 4133, 0 5311 4136.
Getting there: From Chiang Mai Driving toward San Pa Tong district. Access Road No. 1013 through the Mae Wang. Turn left up the mountain traverses To the breeding of dairy cattle (feed drop) or downtown Chiang Mai. Drive to Chom Thong Then turn right onto the highway at 1009 on Doi Inthanon. Until km 31, turn right and go approximately 17 kilometers to the breeding of dairy cattle (feed drop).

7. Doi Mae Salong in Chiang Rai

5.9Doi Mae Salong hill known as Santi Khiri. Located in a high valley In the district of Mae Fah Luang Chiang Rai Most villagers are ethnic Chinese immigrants from Brigade 93 on Doi Mae Salong. The general atmosphere of this mountain, so there is an aura of Yunnan, China. A charm that is rare in the city. The weather on the mountain is cold all year round. Packed with views of green tea plantations as far as the eye can see. And temperate fruits such as plum, peach, plum and so on.

Even in winter, Doi Mae Salong is very beautiful. With winter flowers to bloom fully. Especially the queen tiger on the street. Including Sam in a tea plantation of the locals. Green tea plantation Cut with pink flowers queen tiger. Was beautiful and unforgettable ever. During the day on December 28 -4 in January of each year. Tea Cherry Blossom Festival is wonderful ethnic food Doi Mae Salong, visitors can sip hot tea its unique taste. The cherry blossom viewers across the mountain. More information on SAO. Maesalong outside Tel. 0 5376 5129.
Location: Mae Salong outside. Mae Fah Luang Chiang Rai
Tel: 0 5376 5129
Getting there: From downtown Chiang Rai. Driving toward the Mae Chan. When Mae Chan District, about 1 km to the house Pasang. Approximately 860 km, turn left onto Highway 1130 to Highway 1234, which passed Tribal Welfare and Development Center. Akha village of Ban Pha Dua left to Doi Mae Salong.

8. Pang Ung, Mae Hong Son Province

Pine trees on a tranquil lake. A charm that makes “Pang Ung” Pang Tong works project or two still fascinating today. Visitors can experience the natural abundance. Cold weather Can breathe full lungs. The morning will wake up with the birds singing at the house. Watch the mist floating on the water. The sun shone a light into a beautiful golden light. Along with coffee, soft taste Columbian village in Thailand. Do not miss what is The raft ride bicycles around the lake. And exploring the gardens surrounding Pang Ung.

In the winter, tourists will sleep in tents yard pine. Especially during the month of January, the queen tiger flowers bloom. Here the atmosphere is very romantic. Because of pink cherry blossoms in Thailand. When combined with the warm atmosphere of Pang Ung. It is a sweet but soft to the touch, it seems to me. This time, the queen of flowers blooming tiger in each year will not bloom simultaneously. Authorities continued to call. More information on The Tourism Authority of Thailand Mae Hong Son province. Tel: 0 5361 2982-3, 0 5361 2984 or Works Projects Pang Tong 2 (Pang Ung) Tel. 0 5361 1244, 08 5618 3303.
Location: The project works Pang Tong 2 (Pang Ung) Mok Cham Pae Muang district of Mae Hong Son.
Tel: 0 5361 1244, 08 5618 3303.

Travel: From town center is most convenient. Starting from Highway 107 via Mae Rim garlands home and turn left onto Route 1095 to Pai. Pang Ma Pha – cave fish. Turn right, go home Mok Cham Pae. Through Huay Khan Pang Tong Pak Na Jomtien forest, then turn left to Ban Huay orange eggplant. Thailand into the house, To the Royal Pang Tong 2 (Pang Ung).

9. Watershed Research Station, Khun Nan locations.

5.10 Watershed Research Station site fattening Set on a high hill in the district of Santa Noi District, Nan Nan about 40-50 km away from the city. This forest is abundant. Filled with many different plants, most rainforest. Comprising different kinds of trees and magnolias are putting Ehmืadcn forest rehabilitation of watersheds. The station was planted more trees such as eucalyptus Kamal play mafic and fir.

Which the queen tiger is regarded as a heroine here. When the winter It took a bloom to be immortalized. The entire area upstream station fattening place is filled with sweet pink. The atmosphere is cool And gorgeous views of the mountains Do not miss a spot again. The tourists can stay overnight at the station. Our Homes During the blooming of the flower queen tiger. Or at the research station upstream fattening place calls. 08 1602 3199, 08 8805 5928 09 0050 and 1049.
Location: District Santa Noi District, Nan.
Phone: 08 1602 3199, 08 8805 5928, 09 0050 1049.
Getting there: From Mueang Nan ran onto Highway 1024 Drive to its intersection with Highway 1217, aimed to drive the Na Noi district. At the intersection, turn right to Na Noi district. Take some time to research the signs to the station upstream fattening place. Turn right again Khun village location Watershed Research Station to fertilize site

10. Agricultural Experiment Station Mae Jon Luang high. Chiangmai Province

Though Jon Royal Agricultural Experiment Station located at Moo 6 Tambon Na Mae Chan district, Chiang Mai province. The station has a temperate vegetation species. Alternatively, dividends throughout the year The vegetables can be eaten raw, non-toxic. And visitors can also stroll around the station. Which have interesting things such as planting a wheelbarrow. Gerbera flowers planted Statin’s petunia flowers planted strawberry farms, tea and so on.

During the month of January that this is a very active, very special. It is the flower queen tiger will be unveiled out to see the entire valley. The area around the station are tinged with pink, soft colors. Beautifully cut with a bright blue sky. During the blooming of the flower queen tiger. Travel and accommodation details For more information, Mae Jon Luang Agricultural Experimental Station at Tel. 0 5311 4133, 0 5311 4136.
Location: Hmong Khun Mae Na Moo 6 Tambon Mae Chan district, Chiang Mai province.
Tel: 0 5311 4133, 0 5311 4136.
Getting there: Drive along the road from the city of Chiang Mai – Hod. Through Chom Thong Then turn right towards Doi Inthanon. Notice milepost 31, turn right and drive steadily through Doi Inthanon Royal Project. Breeding of dairy cattle (feed drop) and then turn left up to the station Agricultural Mae Jon Luang.

The queen tiger flowers bloom traffic of each location is packed with cars of tourists. But it is quite narrow path up the mountain. You must use caution when driving. Each location will have a camping ground for tourists to stay overnight. But should telephone inquiries before traveling. And bring your own tent Because some places there are not enough tents to tourists. Usually, the flowers are blooming queen tiger during the month of January. But each year there is a different climate. And each location will not bloom simultaneously. Should I call you that before every trip.