Southeast Asia is the first stop for many new backpackers and travelers because of the cheap prices, beautiful places, and very welcoming, friendliness of the Thai people.

I have spent a combined 8 months backpacking around Thailand and kept careful notes from experience and speaking with other budget travelers that can help you save stress and money on your trip!

The tourism infrastructure is well developed in Southeast Asia and particularly Thailand, however this doesn’t mean that you have to fight the crowds to snap a picture and walk away.  Thailand is a magical place where you can just as easily get off the beaten trail and find special places where you will be welcomed with a smile.

Thailand has become a huge holiday destination for Australians and Europeans as well as budget travelers looking to have some cheap fun in the islands.  Bangkok offers some of the world’s best and lowest-priced dental work along with excellent shopping and the crazy buzz of a large Asian city.

Once you have your first bowl of spicy Thai noodles for around US $1 while looking at white sand and blue water, you will be hooked too!

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Budget Travel Tips for Thailand