After the Storm gorgeous but always full of mist on the mountain...

After the Storm gorgeous but always full of mist on the mountain over the issue – his neck

Journeys mountain Phu Thap withdraw. And his neck was still popular with tourists continued. In the end of the rainy winter weather is particularly cold. There is something magical with the mist to see vividly. With more and better roads. It’s not that heavy rain will be. We were able to climb up to the attractions of the two as easily as you habuyashi member thousands dot com. The rain storm to find a paradise at Phu Thap withdraw and his neck. Sea views across the valley fog makes forget that earlier heavy rain much. His journey is exciting and beautiful it.

See full mist on the mountain over the issue - his neck.1

During 16-17 September 2558, Thailand has been the influence of the storm, “the Kinks mg” (VAMCO) made several flood and flash flood. But my travel plans were laid on the morning of Saturday, September 19, during which it is concerned, not least because they fear that if they do not have to travel. Because of the rain, but may be available. But when all travel plans have been laid out. It is undeniable that will not go. This is also the source of through a rainstorm to watch “his”.

I would like to tell the story so the image may not be exactly what it says much.

My travel plans After work is completed on the evening of Friday was preparing a body bag and rest 3-4 hours and depart that night at all. In order to catch the sunrise at Wat Pha hidden glass.

See full mist on the mountain over the issue - his neck.3But since the day the storm “by The Kinks mg” (VAMCO) is still covered from the rain began to fall out of the house. Until midnight, the rain did not stop falling. The plan then we have to leave the house at midnight. But then postponed because of the fear that drove the rain might be dangerous.

We deferred to a time period which hit one trip it rained all the way. Some very heavy in my heart, I thought all along that this morning I was going to let the rain stop you. I intend to go and wanted to get the picture.

At the Four Corners Monument Khun Pha Muang rain stopped. I started into the streets along the route 12 was found filled with mist covered everywhere.

At the time when the sun is already beginning to see the light. I quickly drove to a lookout behind Wat Pha hidden glass to capture as much as possible that morning.

The measure grasslands

See full mist on the mountain over the issue - his neck.32And what I saw for the first time … I was stunned with the beauty of being surrounded by mountain mist.

Mist are moving slowly to cover Wat Pha hidden glass.

This viewpoint is even used it many times. It was during the afternoon, which did not know before that point this morning is beautiful, very simply.

See full mist on the mountain over the issue - his neck.6

He was mist surrounded the entire area. Pino Latte at a coffee shop in addition to opening a coffee shop, but also have accommodation too.

Imagine if every morning we wake up and find a nice view in front of you. After I capture the impression this was full and then he turned into his neck. I hope it does not come across like mist. Because it was already late.

But it remains to be seen a little

See full mist on the mountain over the issue - his neck.8After that, me and my friends had visited a restaurant to eat. After not eating anything at all since the middle of last night. After I finished eating, we went up the mountain over the same issue. The path up the mountain over the issue is quite steep. To drive with caution

I like to stay, everyone knows. My sleep well because sleep well all night. An evening with friends, I headed to Phu corresponding panel. To watch the sunset together But I do not mind the rain is falling, but this pressure.

Making the image much less beautiful. But it’s unusual to go again.

This reminds me of the rain falling during the month of June, I had to come. I hope that a heavy form that night. But the rain was falling, it was just a little off. The rain just is not enough moisture in the formation of mist in the morning too.

See full mist on the mountain over the issue - his neck.12 And Sunday morning arrived. That morning, the morning air is quite cold. The first light of day, it was exceedingly hot.

See full mist on the mountain over the issue - his neck.34 Naturally, people at a time to always get up early anyway. But I never saw the light of this beautiful morning.

Although the day is hazy faint mist is not as fluffy as it was intended. But what I see in front of it, making it equally impressed.

Phu Thap withdraw today a lot of people like the New Year my viewpoint there are plenty of tent camping.

And not miss what’s coming here. The conversion was photographed with cabbage. If we look down from a mountain cliff over the issue. We will see the road we traveled up. It’s very devious

On that day, all the hotels were booked. I am fortunate that I have already booked. Then I started a little late, we then traveled to the scenic mountain panel again. On the way out we were met with a red maple leaf dropped it, picked up the pictures stored.
This viewpoint is higher vantage point Phu Thap withdraw. We can view the rise again.

Although the day is hazy for us to see each other a little. But it is worth it then to come back here again. Mist on the mountain over the issue – his neck.