Flights winter conquer Mount 10 hits to go by

Flights winter conquer Mount 10 hits to go by

1. Phu Chi Fah in Chiang Rai


Phu Chi Fa” Most of the mist in Thailand. Whether the early morning. Day or evening Phu Chi Fa, it still has a unique and beautiful as well. The cold front is approaching. Tourists are breathtaking views of meadows and mountains change color according to the season. Fry gently in the mist at dawn. It seems to be a parody of tourists bused up watching the mountain. Instead of lying huddled under the blanket to go cold. And during the months of December to February. On the road from Phu Chi Fa to Doi Pha Tang. Visitors will be enchanted by the beauty of the flower queen tiger. Almost the entire road is the road to the romantic pink. This winter go hand in hand with someone who would be a bit better. For more information, Visitor Center entertainment district, entertainment district, Tel. 053 795 345.

2. Doi Mae Salong in Chiang Rai


Doi Mae Salong” The site of the village SANTIKIREE. Points of interest on Doi Mae Salong also visit a tea plantation and learn how to produce tea. A scenic ride around the village of Jiang’s clear. Visit the tomb of General Wen Tuan C. and respect Chedi Phra Srinakarin Sathit Maha Santi Khiri Travel. Moreover, in the morning at Doi Mae Salong is also a fine mist that you will not see a doctor until fluffy peaks. A breath of fresh air with full lungs. But even if the weather on the mountain is a bit cold. It is a comfortable atmosphere for our tropical. For more information, SAO. Maesalong outside Tel. 053 765 12.

3. Chiang Mai Doi Pha Hom Pok


Doi Pha Hom Pok” now renamed. “Doi Blues” In the winter, visitors can touch sea White invisibly. The interesting thing is not over sea fauna species such as the purple bird wings spread. Red-whiskered bulbul, yellow butt Emerald Butterfly Quilts Bird necked Thrush Thrush gray black bird wings Bird Thrush hazel etc., which are a rare animal. It is a very special nature as a gift. With stunning views and fresh air. This winter, try to put themselves into the midst of the mist it once. “Doi Pha Hom Pok” will energize you. After a busy working in the city for a long time. For more information, Doi Blues Tel. 053 453 517.

4. Doi Luang Chiang Dao Chiangmai Province


Doi Luang Chiang Dao” with the height of the mountain, visitors will not be disappointed with the beautiful scenery of sea fog in the winter at close to this. But what is interesting to not less than the mist. It is still a tourist attraction, beauty of nature, including the various informal summit allows visitors to visit the Three Sisters mountain peaks like Mount compressed air and Mountain Top. It also is a source of plants. If so, to fully absorb the atmosphere. It should take at least three days, two nights do not have to worry about directions. The tourists can contact the Sherpas, including car navigation services – delivered by our staff. For more information, Doi Chiang Dao, Tel. 089 955 1417.

5. Doi Ang Khang, Chiang Mai

6.5Doi Ang Khang” a popular attraction for winter mountain lovers. Here is the view of the sunrise and morning mist. The above points are located before the farm strawberry ladder. There will be some mist snuggle hug the mountainside. Travellers also watch “Doi Ang Khang” “greenhouses to grow vegetables in the winter,” “Garden plum,” “House of Roses,” “house plants indoors” even during the night, the atmosphere here is romantic to think about the image you walk hand in hand with anyone. Greats amid the mist and cold weather. Look up to the sky, but also the glittering stars. There is only one place to make you feel this way. For more information, Ang Khang Royal Agricultural Station Office Tel. 053 969 489.

6. Doi Inthanon in Chiang Mai

6.6 “Etiquette” is the highest mountain in Thailand. It is a place where the mist classic. Each year there are more tourists coming winter. And watch the spectacle frost or mother Khaning many. If this day is a day of open sky. At the time the sun radiation. We will see the beautiful nature. The path to the top of the hill on both sides are filled with wild orchids and wild plants. This is like a drug to relieve the fatigue from the trip as well. For those who want to get closer to nature. Here is a nature trail. Visitors will find “Thousand flowers”, which will bloom during the months from December to February, these things are attractive to visitors here unceasingly. For more information, Doi Inthanon National Park, Tel. 053 355 728, 053 311 608.

7. Simon Tak Kewlom

6.7 “Mon compressed air” is located in Mae Moei. A mist of Thailand’s top special property is situated overlooking the sea in two directions. And also a spot to watch the sunrise as well. Most tourists sleeping tent to watch the beauty of the mist. Some nights you can see the mist from dawn. And when the sun breaks through the horizon. We see the black mist gradually change color as the sun shines full. The mist turns yellowish orange. Meanwhile, visitors can get warm, which helped chase the cold. Soon the mist would loosen reveals spectacular natural forest surrounded by green mountains, countless. For more information, Mae Moei Tel. 055 577 409, 055 576 452.

8. Kradueng province

6.8 “Kradueng” is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the winter. Most visitors want to experience cold weather. Sometimes the temperature may drop to 0 degrees Celsius Sure mist here is that visitors should not miss it. The tourists will travel to watch the sunrise at Pha Nok. The cliff is a popular tourist to see the sunrise. Upon arrival, visitors will see fog rippled beneath. A measure of how long the camera shutter sound intermittently with the high atmosphere and the weather is cool. Kradueng still make a place attractive to tourists who want to climb the mountain once in your life. For more information, National Kradung Tel. 042 810 833, 042 810 834.

9. Rua in Loei

6.9 “Rua” has been referred to as a land of mountains. Rua because the place is surrounded by fog and winter flowers. Cool to cover almost the entire year. It’s fascinating to invite anyone who wants to experience that with my own eyes. And he does not disappoint The mist that drifted sluggishly fragmented. As soon as the sun climbed over the horizon dismissed. These mist of agglomeration. Floating around the sun Similar to ask one of the attendants, as well as other planets in the solar system. Especially if they sleep in tents at last, the little cliff. You will be exposed to the cold. The dew on the grass greet scale. These do not differ from the images in your dreams even less. For more information, Phu Rua National Park, Tel. 088 509 5299.

10. Mount Nan always Stars

6.10Doyle always star” one of the most popular tourist destinations in the mist. Doi always star in the winter is covered by fog. Who has seen a need to imagine themselves to be swallowed up to them. Shortly after sunrise Fog, it will disintegrate. The panorama beneath a panorama. The crevices of a long valley. Deutsche star always has a space for a tent. Try to land your perfect angle to see it because the weather is nice, you can just open the tent to sleep on the couch watching the fog. And when the night sky is filled with stars, dazzling meteors light up the sky. That makes somebody to Bangor why the mountain is called “Doi always stars” The more information. Park Si Nan Tel. 054 701 106, 081 224 0800.