Ko Phaluai know the Virgin Island, Thailand.

Ko Phaluai know the Virgin Island, Thailand.

I believe I have to believe that in our country there is a clean energy prototype Virgin Island or the Island of Thailand as well as the “Ko Phaluai” Samui. Surat Thani So today gearbox Com has taken another manuscript flights Ko Phaluai. The journey from your check in chill out member thousands dot com. The visiting ready to capture the beauty of this island together. How beautiful it would not have to think long … According to dabble in it together.

Ko Phaluai know the Virgin Island, Thailand
We know this from my friend, one author. Just taglines her that this is the “Virgin Island” we Jin to me that eh! It also Virgin Talking to each other is that “Ko Phaluai” a clean energy prototype island of Thailand. Located in the National Marine Park !!! Without a long time … I think we’re gullible agreed immediately. Children brilliant blue Andaman Sea, we also wanted to visit the emerald Gulf of Thailand some too.

For easier understanding, we attach a map of Ko Phaluai Credit: Green Island Thank you for this post. … Master Ko Ko Phaluai Thailand’s first clean energy.

One morning it was a year ago. [I do not remember the day] we meet the gang was completely out of Phuket auspicious wheel well. Directed toward the boat at the harbor pier. Events do This ship will leave the port daily double. But is there another position closer to each other to swap out each day. See more from this link.

This port will have to get the car into the home of villager row. Which must leave the car keys with me. Secretly fears in mind But the Nets came down to was that all the cars it is deposited. Because I have a space or other vehicles retreated into the house. Homeowners will be able to move the car so we took it took me coming here.

150 baht per trip ferry ticket between the boats leave enough time. He came out of the mouth of the sound, which is not very far. Purchase of the necessary fitting at a convenience store. Then find out what your gold.

A small shed in front of the mouth. Sales carte ordinary but extraordinary. The taste is spicy without unnatural. Stir the spices to the actual scent of crispy fluffy omelet pan. Hmm … mm mm mesh and sweat to do it. The rice dish topped egg no more than 35 baht !! How dare some sales outlets in Phuket hands up. This meal has increased pork omelet rice ending up lol.

Sprinkle each dish came out on board too (much thought, I’m going to eat a fish that um).

Phuket life, we rarely take a ferry is infrequent. Then there will also be plenty of white seagulls hovering flying fish from the stern. In addition to the shutter sound while. Also impressed by the island so we have plenty of it.

Largo sailed our fellow travelers. Most of the residents on the island. It takes time (I pluck one gray hair or nits) to the sea.

Burr cruised to the “pink dolphins like” Little by little kids who are pointing to the sea. We look to see pink dolphins gang are floundering is the show itself was very funny to see the kids enjoy the Andaman never seen it. Figure it was not clear as the image in his defense. (A feeble excuse, indeed, taken before lol).

The ship sailed for a few hours, it slowed down for unloading of cargo into smaller ships. The park is wait for it. Remember island is not real.

Fortunately, more and more … Perfect Day.

The finish was cruising down a few minutes later. Members of the ship began to rise archive of preparation off the boat together. Boat traverses along the canal so we can meet the Tyrolean Virgin Island.
He is tall, right, “his eye was the” symbol of Ko Phaluai it.

With my eyes, then today we would be only a single group of tourists flock down south here.

Before coming here, we have already booked accommodation. The accommodation is on two of four bays in the Gulf of Ko Phaluai a professor Peerapol as administrators here. Greet visitors to sit and talk with me.

The room This area is the front porch This is because a large wooden house with a basement, elevated lung stroll foot slapper.

This is 1200 baht per night including breakfast, sleeps four people comfortably with en suite bathrooms. Here are our water is limited. It relies on water from mountain rain. It is not recommended to use water like at home. And appliances as necessary here. Because energy is energy derived from solar panels it.

PS partners from Ko Phaluai recently said that the creation of this fruit with a pole. Glowing mm mm mm mm good.

Then comes the need to respect individuals visited a spiritual center of the island to the prosperity together. Master General had suggested that this was the first not to be missed when it comes to Lime’s future.

We sat limp Pickup 4WD end no later than three minutes from the hostel came to the monastery of the island. Located on a hill overlooking the Angthong invisibly. This is not only a monk.

He is the father of Sri pastor was ordained 24 years ago, I was talking to you, we have to know what your background is central. He was ordained at the beginning because you want to replace my mother retired from work in a special position under the Army colonel. Maximum, but with the mother he had recovered. Do you believe that the merits of the priests at that time, you do not wear anymore.

Eight years ago, when the father of the monk Luang Pu was reminded of monastic herb garden. Phetchabun Province Come celebrate the Jubilee output. Chanted the Jatuakarmramathep the province. You have the opportunity there to talk to the kith and kin of the island. That there was a temple The people here when I was no merit to the people. I was invited to come to this temple before Lent since then.

Father has told us that. Before you came here, the lifestyle of the Ko Phaluai also want people to come and help. Due to the lack of care infrastructure was required. Both drinking water and household water use.

Pastor also designed residential homes for the villagers here. From basic concepts to create a healthy house prices improved power converter using LED light bulbs will be distributed to every house. Or treatment with herbal medicine texts that you have learned from following Grandfather was reminded in the past.
We were walking around the monastery, which is home to abundant natural greatly. As we can see the hornbill together without too bashful.

Enjoy chatting spoiled and we have to say goodbye here. The journeymen began to sound like our older drivers took us to a nearby seafood restaurant is the only restaurant in this neighborhood, it’s a good cook who came to greet us in a friendly.