Koh Mai Thon Sailing yacht chill sea life.

Koh Mai Thon Sailing yacht chill sea life.

Today we will take you to a place that has been referred to. “Maldives of Thailand” is “island forest” in Phuket. From recording your journey Knottfdg member thousands dot com. The island has to touch wood. Along with the sailing yacht, relaxing in the middle of the Andaman Sea. You can enjoy many activities including boating, fishing, diving, etc. Naenแne !!! Things to do it now. So given this review to the sea together.

Koh Mai Thon Sailing yacht chill sea life

This is a hot tourist attraction that people choose to inevitable sea. But with the students of architecture to think the job Kong amid weather scorching hot to go anywhere, but a friend up a bright Saab liberties with envy with tears whenever he can. Some of the puzzles T_T

* 0 * and the opportunity came to me like a lottery you at at at at. Three free tickets to tour the island wood in my hand was free, going three for what I paid. Tickets Bowl before picking 5555555 (Yu was suddenly empty).

Free tickets Fortunately, this did not keep them on the street, we are very fortunate that I know I will go on tour. But the chance to travel to a foreign country engaged fit. With the Sisters of the Poor. I love to travel I wanted to give her and her friends to a chic yet cool at the same time I went to Phuket and then to have a one day trip. But a yacht off the island, Thanks! One day a set distance and not in fear. I agreed that it was free to purchase additional day is anything to go by it …. We also arrange flights each day waiting to be counted. Backpacking difficult for many trips. Let’s try some casual trips.

# I do not permit a parent or a child pretty. This small story Before traveling one day to tell my mother that I go to Phuket. Sacred Mother said to me, why not invite a single mother before I do it. Three tickets we will never go home again. Went with a friend before the I went back today # Feel as bad balls
Up first to experience exciting thrills why not just fly in 555,555. It never was With the first time our friends taxi ride to the airport, Don Muang, with the chill air from 6:40 pm. I do not know what to check before one hour FSU Â Â Â Â Â Â to keep fit playing unbelievable but. Do not be complacent flights from experience, do not always go up. … I forget something? That to three people. E. friend has not arrived yet of an season. Call a friend told us not to do. I checked in on the counter, does not and will not. It is very sad Free tickets can be acquired Book Machine will not go away. Walking dejectedly dragging luggage to the gate for two people. That will not keep pace because another friend a ride from the machine. But then a miracle happened Pending full access to the machine, she walked through the crowd to the gate. Like a sci-fi heroine survive the bomb and then came out of the fire (Brouwer) Ouch !!! It was just breathtaking. However, a visit to the surprise of all.
We arrived at Phuket airport, I met with the tour boat to the island to pick up the timber. This time several days But not just the fur of 5555, at least less than one day to Koh Kham -..-.
Along the way, notice that Phuket Wilds. City tourism department is really what it’s ready. Store all the way Van takes us to the pier. Most travelers are not Asians. Have sporadically Thailand very few people: three are just the three of us on the boat and the care of older travelers. Stepping up the ship Oh! Boat not large enough But tourists are not many people uncomfortable. The boat has room for a bathroom I saw two bedroom with a kitchen counter Krubkrib -.- then have a snack with drinks being served.
The ship will be at the front for sunbathing in front of the net Deck boat was the best yet. If you ride in a boat to get drunk very easily. This did not go down land HM the sun, then blasts Let’s take a look at the sun better.

Activity aboard a Catamaran Yacht fishing, diving and dolphin-watching, but we do not see dolphins pity TT.

Peak is the turn to take the battery out of 20 Ouch !! Camera or paperweight Spa sea fish also eat great Union City 55555 Thailand but not without a generous here. What kind of man coming on board. Lend a hand to the camera Oh … my tears will flow Do not assume that someone will come to mind far better than this, TT (held until today) (If you do not want to let readers know which seriously).

Take a boat out to deeper water. For those who like fishing, but it will give a different hook. Sit at the edge of the boat This is not fishing is to avoid the drama. Tell you that fishing is one of the activities of the tour. This fishing in deep water. Then fisheries There are many fishing boats. The fishing of the fish, not the fisherman’s day, many tons of fish to use artificial lures.

After diving, fishing authorities at bay room. There is not enough water to go down. But we keep on playing better. This area is a lot of fish But still, we ship it to sit on the stairs and then lowered into the leg. If the feet do not stink, it is not a natural break it. I like to pedicures TT ticklish very pretty. Imagine if a piranha thus far leg deficit to go beyond 555 percent ammonia.

The ship took us to lunch at Koh Mai Thon. The island is quite large and very peaceful with privacy. Residential but felt he had to be closed for renovation. The clarity of the water, not to mention … very clear. The color changes depending on the depth and comfortable look very uncomfortable.

We eat near Honeymoon Bay is a buffet-style lap Thailand have both fruit juice, barbecued seafood buffet. Not very big kg kg kg. Many do not eat fish at all -.- then Young Coconut Sorbet ice cream without fat recipes of the island told the Hollywood crew to film the island. The Division will also feed into a bucket of ice cream yet.
Then the free time we do anything else on this island. Friend us so I went to pick up diving Snorkeling mask on his shoulder, a life raft. We are very concerned because the water is also short-sighted. But officials called the older the better, because they are very friendly. That very comfortable I will teach you how to use it to dive into. And prohibition of it, then took a walk down to the sea.

Who pool was not wearing a life jacket at all. But put it better to be safe. For those who are short-sighted He had a mask fitted with a lens. We also have a very short it 600-700.

Another is that we go canoeing. Boating is not more, but I played a lot. I dragged my friend to ask her 5555 Island that pie also. He also had to paddle forward. The answer is not asking a lot. Our friends wearing life jackets, paddles, each grab and drag the boat into the water very rough. Rowing is rowing against the sea oar hit himself on the back is the winner.

I was tired of it Kept playing and let the day sitting by the ocean chill better.

The ship will get back the ninth hour and a half. Use about one hour airing on more chic boat before reaching the shore.
We went back to the hotel in Patong in my hotel room tiras a pleasant stay. Two afternoon boat ride to the island, we like it. But these days to ship the same day two activities. But it still does not come across dolphins. Dolphins do not appear to me to hibernate. The activities we do today is diving Discover Scuba Driving heavy tank very nice, but he would carry to the sea for her subtle, we only think that we will dive into the sea. Coral Here are the suits in several sizes. Teach how to use sign language taboos and remember it like to dive into something like that. Feel that the time has come to benefit immediately 5555555555.

He would always take us through passive dive reef fish is hand-made sign that this danger. This is interesting Czech as well that we are okay. Feeling like a fish in it boasts a wonderful sea 555555555 much more if it was not snorkeling terrible pity.