Life’s good marooned in the sea Stroll on the beach in Krabi.

Life’s good marooned in the sea Stroll on the beach in Krabi.

Life's good on the beach in Krabi

Krabi Is one of the southern province that has been a popular tourist destination, both in Thailand and overseas. This is what attracts people poured into the province most is the sea. This province surrounded by numerous islands, crystal clear waters. The sea is full of coral and fish species. The white sand beach Check in Krabi, making it a hit man who falls in love with the sea and enjoy the chill. Today Bowl Com will take to get to know the sea in Krabi well. It is beautiful and pleasant to swim much as we do.

1. Sea

Life's good on the beach in Krabi1
Sea is the amazing phenomenon of nature. It happened at Chicken Island and the island army pot by the three islands are located near each other. The triangular Chicken Island is the largest island. Located south Ko Ko Mo, an army and a small island located on the north side. When low tide, It is the most remarkable phenomenon. There is a fine, white sand dunes to emerge from a long way up the three islands connected together beautifully. As if the sea has pushed us to cross from one island to island. Is the origin of the name “Sea” Visitors should ask for time to come the sea with the authorities. Tour operator or airline before traveling to the ship. Each day the water will not rise simultaneously. More information on The Tourism Authority of Thailand, Thailand Tel. 0 7562 2163, 0 7561 2811-2.

2. Railey

Life's good on the beach in Krabi2
Railey Beach is located at Ao Nang. Krabi The beaches are outstanding. With mountains towering limestone cliffs. Rock climbing has become so popular with tourists who love adventure. The beauty and challenge of rock climbing here is famous throughout the world. Tourists to rock climbing at Railay many. They will have a panoramic view of the long white beaches and inlets. Emerald green waters And verdant forests If climbing at sunset. I could see the golden sun. Moving gracefully into the sea with a total of two side Railey Beach is West Railay Beach and East Railay Beach, where the two were equally beautiful.

3. Lanta

Life's good on the beach in Krabi3
The island is a large island He has raised a district in Krabi province. Consisting of Lanta Yai and Koh Lanta Noi The villagers living on the island for a long time. There are a variety of races Both Thailand Thailand Buddhist Thailand, Muslim and Chinese fishermen, where they live together peacefully. Still, the simple life. It became one of the island charm that attracts tourists to visit here was unremitting. The island is relatively far away from land. It also has natural beauty of the sea, both on land and under the sea. Most of the attractions are located on Koh Lanta Yai. Which is about 30 kilometers wide and about 6 km long white sand beach. And reefs around the island, with a wide variety of accommodations and restaurants for your comfort. Or if you want to experience the lifestyle of the local people. It has a host of local service as well.

4. Phi Phi Island
Twin bays of Ao Ton Sai and Ao Lo Da Lam. Become a major symbol of the island. It is a beautiful sight to tourists from all over the world have immortalized this beauty by itself. Although the island is affected by the tsunami. But that does not make it less beautiful island. He made it crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, coral reefs have been restored. More spectacular than ever before Perfect for snorkeling and see the animals underwater. With the island is just 42 kilometers from the town of Krabi, making it convenient for shops and delicious seafood chill accommodation to choose from a wide range of services. Secluded beach area, especially the “Maya” which is only a small beach, but the beaches are white. Soft touch Ideal for sunbathing, reading or sleeping.

5. Poda
Poda Island is another point that has beautiful coral reefs, crystal clear water as the divers usually dive snorkeling here. Located south of Ao Nang. Only about 8 kilometers away from the shore.

6. Reviews
A long, beautiful beach is about 6 km away from Nopparat Thara Beach with stunning views of limestone mountains, unusual shapes. The towering outstanding Sam trees verdant foreground is a small white beach. With emerald green waters. Overlooking numerous islands Which have shaped In the evening Ao Nang area is very romantic. It is a point that can be the most beautiful sunsets in Krabi hotels, restaurants and tour companies are located in this area. And from the Gulf, you can hire a boat to visit nearby islands. The snorkeling was such Poda Island army pot Phra Nang Cave and so on.

7. Nopparat Thara

Nopparat Thara Beach Located in the park Nopparat Thara – Mu Koh Phi Phi. Just 17 kilometers from Krabi Town. This beach is characterized by fine sand mixed with small shells and pine trees lined beautifully clear waters overlooking the sea clearly. Quiet Beach Ideal for relaxation

8. Bamboo Island

Bamboo Island is located north of Koh Phi Phi Don. This is particularly striking at the soft white sand. The reef is a beachfront. Stretches from north to south. The coral reef is mostly Malabar. Visitors can easily snorkelling. Beach area will have the tent of Nopparat Thara National Park – Phi Phi Islands. To accommodate visitors who want to sleep overnight Beach.

9. Island

A large islands Characterized by limestone hills shaped. With trees and greenery And surrounded by emerald green waters. Reviewed side of the island is a long white sandy beaches with coral reefs off the coast. Can snorkel easily. And one side is curved semicircle along the beach. Unique Island There is a gap in the middle of the island You can rent a boat Or kayak to explore the beauty of the limestone mountain. And tropical forests Island room has space for a tent. However, travelers must be prepared to open their own tents.