Sipadan island paradise in the sea near Thailand bit.

Sipadan island paradise in the sea near Thailand bit.

Try to “Sipadan” The island is crystal clear. Coral Diverse marine Sipadan is not far from the United States but to simply not pay too much.

Sipadan island paradise in the sea near Thailand bit

I dream of a beautiful, clear sea. An underwater world full of coral and marine species. It is also not far from Thailand too … now that dream is coming up. Because the central island of Celebes. Which lies to the southeast of the state of Sabah. Malaysia A beautiful landscape similar to the Maldives. Ascension Island is named “Sipadan Island” (Sipadan Island).

Sipadan is? This is a popular question mentioned Sipadan island, because many people want to know where is this island paradise. For Sipadan island from Bangkok just about 4-5 hours, we will experience the splendor of the sea, the land of dreams. Island Sipadan island in the ocean, rising from the seabed about 600 meters away from the southern city of Semporna Sabah Malaysia, about 35 km In the past, this island is a dispute between Indonesia and China. Malaysia in late 2000, the court judged that this island belongs to Malaysia.
On April 23, 2000, there were people on the island of Sipadan kidnap by terrorists in the Philippines. But in the end, all the hostages have been released safely. That is why the authorities have limited the number of Malaysian tourists visiting the island of Sipadan. With the island’s environment and natural beauty in late 2004 resorts in Sipadan was shut down and moved to the island Bull (Mabul) to the island of Sipadan. Conservation Area Since April 2008 has allowed the tourists to dive in Sipadan island, just 120 people per day.
Sipadan Island is well known among divers. The destination of the world’s top diving lovers must visit a few times in my life. Because of the underwater environment is beautiful and there are plenty more. Sea filled with colorful corals and diverse species. There are also many underwater creatures. Whether it is a large sea turtle, parrot fish, tuna, hammerhead shark, shark, shark, whale, fish, Silver Jack fish species and more than 3000 species.
Environment and climate on the island of Sipadan was equally spectacular. The island has an area of approximately 30 hectares and is covered by rainforest. This is particularly prolific at all. Most hot air Sunny day The average air temperature is 30-32 degrees Celsius and the average sea temperature is 27-30 degrees Celsius with a never experienced a typhoon or other natural disasters. The area is still always beautiful and quite safe for tourists.
During a dive to the most during the months from March to July. Some resorts on the islands will be booked long in advance about six months to plan ahead a little.

Because Sipadan island is a conservation area so no resort located on the island. Visitors to the resort on the neighboring island of Bull (Mabul) and Kauai Spa Delight (Kapalai), including the island of Mata Nanking (Mataking) and the island of Pom Pom (Pom Pom) which each resort also have something. Facilities and patterns to create different away. But the scenery is beautiful as well. With most are built on a crystal clear blue sea. Overlooking the Coral Sea clearly and snorkelling from the property as well. It Sipadan Island and nearby islands have been known as the Maldives of the East.