This winter, do not miss the most beautiful island in Thailand

This winter, do not miss the most beautiful island in Thailand

Sea tourist season starts back up again. After several islands off the island for about six months for natural regeneration, which started in mid-October, unveiled beauty to watch again. Today Bowl Com took out 11 beautiful island in Thailand and the Andaman and Gulf of Thailand come together for friends to try the two together look where that will do plan to relax chill well.

1. Tachai

11 most beautiful islands in Thailand

Tachai ready for tourists to experience the beauty again on October 15, 2558 to May 15, 2559 for a period of six months, all of which will be in the winter and summer of Thailand. During the monsoon, calm Clear Visitors can take a boat to the island safely. For Tachai are part of the Similan Islands National Park. Located on the north end and far end of the Similan Islands. A transit route from the Similan Islands, Surin Islands. The island has beautiful beaches and a famous diving spot.

Also on the island are also “laying hens” freshwater crabs who live along the creeks. The body is red Nipper black coat, blue But activists are sounding like chicken and like living during the night. And because there is no accommodation on the island The park is allowed to have a morning – cold back only. Visitors can explore the island can finish with the tour company in Phuket and Phang Nga. For inquiries or more. Similan National Park, Tel. 0 7645 3272, Tourism Coordination Center Province. Tel: 0 7648 1900-2 and the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Phuket Office Tel. 0 7621 1036, 0 7621 2213.

2. Similan Islands

11 most beautiful islands in Thailand1Similan island Paradise is a rich underwater life many large and small. It also has crystal clear waters invite swimming. And a gorgeous white sand beach. This has been declared a national park of Thailand No. 43 in the year 2525, covering the islands and sea waters around the island, complete with coral reefs. Local Phra Thong Island Kuraburi comprising the Big Island least nine island by island, nine alignment from the north to the south include Koh Bon Island, Snake Island, Similan Island forest five islands Koh Miang island spa interpolated island spa also and. Hu Yong island by the year 2541, annexed area “Koh Ta Chai,” added another.

It also highlights that anyone would want to see again. There is a stone image of sailing at the Similan Islands, a symbol and focal point of the Similan Islands National Park, ever:) The inquiry on. Similan National Park, Tel. 0 7645 3272.

3. Surin Islands

Surin Islands Located in Kuraburi was snorkeling at one of the finest in Thailand. Comprising the northern island Ko Surin Tai Island Resort (Koh Woodstock York) islands (spa destinations capacity) and Island (Isla de la Marine), with the islands located in the cover waves. A large bay The temperature of the sea around the islands to some extent, the growth of many coral reefs. Surrounding islands, the water is not very deep. You can snorkel safely.

The islands north and south islands. The island is the largest of all the islands in this region. The entire island has white sand of many. Whether the Gulf, the Gulf of wood beauty, Bonnie Bay, Gulf of mustard, bay Suthep etc. The islands area is also the habitat of the Moken. The tribes that lived in the sea for a long time. Visitors can visit their life here.

Season of the Surin Islands is open to visitors during the Andaman Sea. In the late winter rain. Until late summer before entering the rainy season in 2015, the islands are open to visitors on October 15, 2558 until May 16, 2559 for more details on. Surin National Park. Tel: 0 7647 2145-6.

4. Koh Nang Yuan

11 most beautiful islands in Thailand2

Koh Nang Yuan is located in the district. Surat Thani About 400 meters away from the island is an island of tranquility. Beautiful, world famous Iconic symbol of Koh Tao is white dunes connection between the three islands together. Surrounded by crystal blue waters. The reef is abundant. The island has been known as the island of rest was ranked first in 10 of the world.

Although Koh Tao is a small island, but there is nothing to do, no boredom like sunbathing or a stroll around the dunes, the kayak tour around the island, swimming, snorkeling, snorkeling, walking by. Trail up to the Scenic Scenic Area, which is visible Koh Nang Yuan and white dunes clearly. Visitors must walk uphill to the left for about 15 minutes to get to see spectacular views of the island.

Area on Koh Nang Yuan has only one property only. So there is quite a lot. NHS tourists It can fully But nearby Koh Tao and Koh Phangan is a wide choice of accommodation as well. By Koh Tao to travel throughout the year. But the most exciting are the months from February to October.

5. Wood Island

11 most beautiful islands in Thailand3Koh Mai Ton Island is one of Phuket. The distance from the island, just about 9 kilometers. But with the island was closed. As a result, the island is still beautiful piece of the Andaman Sea, it is not completely clear water to see coral reefs and marine life. White sand beach and super soft to the touch as well as the privacy and tranquility of tourists who want to relax seriously. Do not miss to spend a weekend or vacation here.

The beautiful island of timber have little in the Andaman Islands, where the gems of the sea in this area at all. The sand is white and smooth profile, it is crystal clear turquoise sea. Contrasting perfectly with coral reefs around the island are also abundant. Along with many sea creatures Here is a paradise dream of many people. This is a luxury resort on the island to tourists as well.

6. Kings Island

11 most beautiful islands in Thailand4Kings Island is one of the most beautiful islands of Phuket. Includes the island of Racha Yai and Racha Noi. Located to the south of the island. Kings Island has beautiful white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. The reef is clearly visible Tears fall as famous harbor bay, the Gulf of Siam, Ter Bay, Gulf Kare so by the Gulf of tears to a viewpoint on the summit. Visitors can walk along the nature trail. To rise to this viewpoint. Which overlooks the beautiful scenery of Phuket have introduced Paro.

The small island away from the island, about 10 kilometers, which is caused by the deposition of coral. A view of rocks quaint. The beach is clean. Beautiful as well The area is a popular spot for diving depth of 10-40 meters with coral reefs, both hard and soft corals, colorful splendor.

Visitors can rent a boat speed boat from Phuket to Koh Racha has. It takes about 20-30 minutes on inquiry. The Tourism Authority of Thailand Phuket Office Tel. 0 7621 1036, 0 7621 2213.

7. Ngai

11 most beautiful islands in Thailand5A paradise for lovers of the sea. Characterized by an island surrounded by clear waters. Quiet and soft white sand. Clean beaches and tropical coral reefs around the island are fertile. As well as many marine animals The most spectacular snorkelling can be located on the island. You can rent equipment from the residence.

The tranquility and beauty of Koh Ngai. Many tourists choose to stay here. Visitors are able to walk on the beach sunbathing, reading or snorkeling around the island as well.

Koh Ngai Island is located in the district of Trang province, which borders the province. You can travel from either side, Trang and Krabi. But the journey from the coast of Trang is more convenient. From Pak Meng Pier Sikao Trang takes just 15-20 minutes on inquiry. TAT Trang Office Tel. 0 7521 5867, 0 7521 1058.

8. Island

11 most beautiful islands in Thailand6Island is an island in Krabi. The appearance of limestone shaped. There are abundant natural With idyllic beaches One side of the island is crescent shaped sandy beach. The unique character of this place. There is no accommodation on the island It is quiet and still beautiful. Tourists swim to shore crescent moon. Along with the sun, relax and read a book. If you like adventure Was able to rent a kayak to paddle around the island and in the area of the island.

The ship can travel at Ao Nang area. Krabi It takes about one hour to reach the island. More information on The Tourism Authority of Thailand Krabi Office Tel. 0 7562 2163, 0 7561 2811-2.

9. National Marine Park

11 most beautiful islands in Thailand7Angthong National Marine Park Located in the district of Samui. Surat Thani Just 20 km away from Samui only. Here is a land of many islands. There are more than 40 islands covering an area of approximately 63,750 hectares in Angthong. Each island is a limestone mountain. Some have beautiful white sand island with only some trails to walk up to a view of the surrounding islands. The island is popular with tourists to the island bull’s eye. With the establishment of the National Marine Park. And the location of the most beautiful scenic spots. There is a viewpoint bull’s eye. There are also other islands to visit other islands such as Koh Mae Ko triangular rear axle and so on.

For travelers who need to stay overnight The park is also home to accommodate visitors. For more detailed information on accommodation and travel. Angthong National Marine Park, Tel. 0 7728 6025, 0 7728 0222.

10. Bulone

Many people may not be familiar names Bulone much. But this is a haven of the sea, do not miss it. Bulone is one island in Tambon Pak Nam Ngu Satun province is famous for its crystal clear waters of the beach away from Pak Bara, about 22 kilometers below the sea surrounding Bulone. Filled with colorful coral reefs, abundant marine species. Snorkeling can be conveniently and easily. The islands have traditional fishermen community Visitors can experience the lifestyle of fishermen, too.

In addition, the island also boasts a convenient location. Visitors do not have to worry about accommodation. Because there is a variety to choose from. The restaurant Convenience Store The atmosphere on the island is quite romantic. It’s not chaotic like other tourist island is quiet. Suitable for a relaxing break

Visitors to the boat at the Pak Bara. If a speedboat takes about 30 minutes by boat to the Bulone a single trip per day. More information on TAT Trang Office Tel. 0 7521 1085, 0 7521 1058.

11. Koh Wai

11 most beautiful islands in Thailand8

Koh Lao Ya is not very far away from the island. A private island Open to tourists to visit. The charm of Koh Lao Ya is white, soft sandy beaches with coconut trees along the beautiful beaches. The clear waters A wooden bridge connecting the Sea specialties. He is a big island in front. Lush with trees Koh Wai Wai island consists of. Koh Lao Ya Klang Koh Wai and outside by the three islands walking distance of each other. A luxury accommodation offering Visitors will be able to rest in a peaceful and private. Along with walking Swimming and beach fun.

For travel details And information about Koh Wai on. Trat Tourism Office Tel. 0 3959 7259-60.

Sea winter often we see the sun always red globes. Who wants this romantic atmosphere. It must be prepared In order to experience the sea in winter is coming. Working busy year A reward to himself by sea, it is quite Dauphin.