Toei House, which mist-clad mountains

Toei House, which mist-clad mountains

1. We set out to find some meaning of the word “home”.


This definition gradually clear as we headed up the mountain. The mountain known as “Toei” Dan Chang district. Suphanburi We came here as rain covers over the mountains. Tree leaves lush rain seep slowly springing from the soil flowing down the cliffs gradually filled the small creek.


From flat ground We sailed along the crooked. Mountains began to appear all over this. Houses began to dwindle Male wild mood pleasant atmosphere farmhouse. Plants and trees provide cool feeling. From the farmhouse asphalt jungle brought us to Phu Toei National Park. From there, the road led us up the mountain. Lined with shady bamboo forest. Tunnel rail line brought us to persevere. End of gravel forest farmhouse was revealed beneath. The sky seems wider than ever. Saurian white clouds floating mountains.

From there the trail led us to the small fry. According to the forest floor adorned with the flowers of the rainy season. Lent white flower show Mushroom turnovers cascade down the timber. Sagkrni dazzling bloom As carpeted with bright purple.

At 736 meters height from the sea level. Roy came to the end of the peak. In front of us appear two pine scattered around. Tall, blank lines, as in the paintings. Leaves that taper into the tassel. Like thousands of green brush. When the wind blows, acquiesce brush sway. Pine wind noise to listen as the sounds drizzle late.

Recalling the words of Karen, “Cho Soo”, which means two pine. Meaning they do not eat just magnificent. That means wood fire Turpentine lighting Allow a cold night curtain possible. The last hour was like we were in another world … a world of calm beauty sweeps.

2. From the pine forest, we turn to the north. By way up a steep mountain.

1.3 Way that leads us to the source of the stream. Where cold water springs seep from the soil. Roots from trees Lush bamboo forest covers both sides. Horizon crested serpent eagle fly little bird singing faintly sweet. Swagger elegant silver pheasant. The white coat is as clean and beautiful flowers. Cold wind blows Fluffy clouds float down a nearby tree gradually transforming into the side of the forest. Not far from it We went to the source of the Pearl Lam Ta Ki. The importance of this river forests



Cool Valley Shaded by trees and plants like water. “Cascade Ta Ki Pearl” big leap from the cliffs surrounding area is limestone mountains. Artfulness of talents Southbank odd looks great delicacy. Although a little late waterfall that looks enjoy eye.

The sweet sound of birds singing and water. Allows a wide range of They are like a gibbon measure the cleanliness of the water. Because his heirs and successors grows to drink it with this river. Like every life of Pearl Lam Ta Ki. As well as the odd little waterfall trucker’s Southbank is next up.


We arrived at Narita Southbank odd little while sun shines. Rain clouds of the sky to open briefly. Before going to wait cool outflowing private parcels under a warm light rainbow colors draw curved horizon. Fry did slender rainbow over the mountains, the hills, which truly angels roof of the place. The last line of this mountain where cold water drip slowly seep springs from roots. And that which is called “home” historic legacy of Karen’s Southbank odd talents.

3. Like in another world. The quiet simplicity


We feel that now is the time Karen Ta Ki Pearl 3 day 2 night might not be long for. But it allows us to “approach” the path of this ancient tribe. Over a hundred years ago that Karen deposit into life at the root of this is perfectly fertile. The water of the creek valley, which is surrounded by large tracts of forest late 18th green drenched evening. There is a mountain towering angel pin means. As guardian commits grow and raise.


“We call Mount Angel that” d be preserved “it” girl gorgeous Wanwisa grade students at three schools bananas. Ta-odd branches Southbank Told the visitors with a clear voice. She is a descendant Karen who attend this school in Ota Pearl Ki offered to grade the fifth this year with all students, 21 teacher-one who is both a teacher and everything that the school should be. have

“We are like a compass guiding them to move forward,” said Manus city, only one of the elephant teacher here. He smiled good 18 years, Manasseh acting teacher. Indeed, teachers are foreigners. Visiting friends here and amuse. Later became a member of the House Southbank odd talents.

One day we visited a teacher at home. Has seen hundreds of families who live their lives in ways that fit GMT – together seamlessly.

In an era where everything is broken step forward. Teachers get new knowledge of the city as “older stem,” which is wife. To preserve traditional culture On the back, there is a wooden loom that women should have Karen. As moved a few stem waist Multicolored yarn gradually woven into the pattern on the fabric. The last hour of such a move back in time. Similar hour in front of the fire pole. The cabin itself is of little real name John Elder at the Ta Ki Pearl respected. This year it was 68 years ago that has a strong hold machetes, hoes fluently. When we visited the old man is busy with farm work.

The farm itself is unique. Blasts, there are rice fields. Vegetable with betel nut, corn, pineapple, rambutan and longan with Sam. It is said that we planted share a portion. Never let anyone sell

“We just do not eat enough. I hope it was not rich enough, “the old man said while smoking a tobacco cigarette. Fume gray uneasy

Village leaders will have a second version, originally from village to district Sawat. Kanchanaburi Province Modern youth into the forest with his friends across from Bangkok’s Huai Kha Khaeng and Thung Yai Naresuan to meet her soul mate here.

“But before I share that there where no forest. We wander around Everything is perfect, all tigers, elephants, bison, wild cattle that is not difficult. We have food to eat throughout the year We have sickness medicine, “said the old man smiled a cold drizzle dripping from the roof fried.

The fact that everything is moving forward rapidly damaged. A new generation that grew up to learn to live with the modern world in the way of the mountain. I’m the old man who is a graduate of the Master of Laws. Choose to return to their homeland. Subsistence rice farming, and work to help the village.

In a little hut Nearby Sao warm fireplace As rain drenched evening mist unremitting I gradually realized that the lights are only meant any firewood. The last hour passes The delightful tales of the old days and I do not know very many … we taught yesterday taught to appreciate the value of both the land and the ancient tradition of rice to help train a clean heart. The calm beauty of the mountains

Before leaving, the old man told the abbot had died. In the course of Karen The temple is the spiritual center and a leader in their rituals. Pay homage to tradition Chedi Chula Manee A sacred ritual that Karen will travel to every resident.

I still remember that day well. The cool hire Gibbons’ vocals sound sonorous chants Hornbill bird flying well above the canopy. The white mist floating around stripe silk gently fry line covers mountain. Mount Angel looks pretty calm around the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. In one day you are going to “return” to homes odd talents Southbank. Traditional worship pagoda Chulamani will bring people back. Return to worship the soil, water and forests, where the mist-clad mountains of this.


The travel guide

Forest known as “Toei” has been declared a National Park covers an area of 198,522 hectares in 2541, Dan Chang district. Suphanburi Toei said that the major watersheds of the province and nearby areas. The terrain is mountainous and forested connected to the Srinakarin Dam National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary, Huai Kha. As part of “Wild west” of the rich and vast.

It is important watersheds Toei is also a natural source of learning and recreation. Not far from the park at a height of 736 meters above sea level. There are two beautiful pine forest And a spectacular view.

According to travel to the mountain house, located in the heart of Tokyo’s Southbank odd forest on the way through the falls fern odd big basket. The water flowing from the limestone cliff over the years. Spectacular bird area Lucky visitors may have found a silver pheasant. One family of pheasants found in Thailand.

Mountain destination to end at Southbank odd talents. Karen village is still a good way. There is no gambling or drinking. People believe in ancestral spirits and Buddhism. In the village there is a waterfall and cave Ta Southbank little odd, with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.

Campsite near the village with beautiful scenery of the park during the rainy season and winter white mist drifting clad mountain. That same area is visible mountain peaks 1,123 meters above sea level angel. This is the highest point of the place.


From Suphan Buri to Pu Toey The convenient location on Highway 333 before Dan Chang district. Turn left and then turn right to Highway 3086 to Highway 3480 to Ban Huay Hin Dam and turn right. Before the Animal Husbandry Station Turn right into the park

Ban Ki Pearl Beach Park, 28 kilometers away from the rainy season to be a mud puddle. Summer and winter The car can travel up to.


Residential park and camping ground services. No restaurants But the entrance there are several local restaurants and grocery stores.


Pu Toey. PO Box 19 years. Dan Chang Dan Chang district. Suphan Buri 72180 Phone 08 1934 2240, 0 3544 6237 Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). Suphanburi office Tel: 0 3552 4880.