Weekend Chill at the Big Island’s best. Known as the island

Weekend Chill at the Big Island’s best. Known as the island

If you want to touch and inhale the scent of the ocean where some friends will choose ??? If you ever catch them sort the list, it must be said that at least 10 of which are located near Bangkok. Travel and Leisure This list names the top is inevitable, “the island” Trad second largest island of Thailand, making them compatible with the accommodation and activities here. That’s why you Man On The Go member thousands dot com. Travel to Koh Chang And the story travels through chic. Stories and pictures are beautiful Interesting … to see how it well.
“Hoy ! We have already decided Mr. We will go to the island, “At first, we selected several. The trip will go snorkeling at Sarn. But that this was a hit. The news came chants that have got out of bed at four different book. Breakfast for people like us Counting the time has come to wake the monks. Another place is the island’s already huge when trying to find accommodation on the island, but not the full answer to that … Yes! I’m full! Full length until next month! By this point, the Island Peak end… This is the capital moved together or not. Well … if it comes to this stuff. However, it did not discourage me. We thought we wanted, we just have to look out for the islands near it.

Weekend Chill at the Big Island's best.
This review is the first review for a new intake of us. Apologize if anything goes wrong.
If you’re wondering how to do it before. We will introduce how to Koh Chang is known as a two-way Monument (van) and Ekkamai (Coach).

1. Monument (van).

Down Staircase Monument BTS station. (Non-Sky walk) then walk back a bit to find it.

Landmarks: If coming from the Thai island. The stops in the yellow frame. I turned left, I found Van Hove. Ticket price is 320 baht and takes about four hours.

2. Ekkamai (Coach).

We do not choose to travel by way of this leg. But it’s enough to know him. How to arrive at Ekkamai. Starting from the BTS station Victory Monument. Purchase tickets at the station for 42 baht in Bangkok.

Then, down from the Gateway Ekamai BTS follow the car up, it will come Bks. Car here is Coach Bangkok – Thailand. Tell the ticket sales will go to the island. Not sure if you have a van service. Tickets are 254 baht bus trip takes approximately 5 hours.

Landmarks: 7-11 police ascent Ekkamai BTS and intersections.

For this trip we used the shuttle vans line the atrocities. Driving too fast for my father mother glass mug. We were sitting in the back seat Many would recognize the suffering that occurred. There are many moments where we moved the ass with a float on air. Sticking to beat Van limp. We lost when he moved without effort.
Deliberations !!! Car audio juice flows into the next red light. We make lots of stumbling down approximately 5 minutes.

After a journey that makes our gut piles together. We finally arrive at Trat it. Our van park to buy tickets Ferry crossing the Ticket price 150 Baht / person trip – but not an Aber also like the gullible with signature aunt wrote back to us to lead. redeemable at the ferry port After successfully buying tickets van line of atrocities, we will go forward at the ferry terminal free of charge.

For coach we thought would be the ticket to the ferry at the same point. Unlike sitting two rows into their 50 baht apiece.
Darling, we arrived at the ferry. First of all, I promised my aunt tickets. Plus tickets back before. We fear that the next season will not have to wander back home. On the return trip, we take a tour of Cherdchai 304 baht / person including ferry flight from the minibus transfers from the ferry dock to the main road.
Looking out from the ferry today. Quite Cloud Oh, it is because close monsoon.
This does not come alone. About caption it ^^ we finally reached the island. After leaving 6 am to noon. The first thing we do is to get there first. “I stood in clumps Katyn” And then I do not even 555, we went to see it as a poor posture white minibus parked near. But we do not, we are hungry, we will find food to eat. With the rush to come but can not fall to the stomach. The basil fried squid dish that bus is only 40 baht.
Ferries from our minibus to the beach at 50 baht went for a bike rental shop, we have many things to Gold Beach Guest House for two days 200 baht per day plus free 3 liters of oil a public place. The coordinates are not cookie hotels Across the comfortable bar exactly. Owners secretly whispered that there is room for 650 baht a day.
Here is the detailed property profiles might be a bit much. Not the sponsor, but we liked it a lot, Chic shift Backwash 5555.
Gu’s Bay Resort at Bailan Bay.

Earlier, after that, we decided we were immediately rushed to find Thiago Thiago typically five rooms plus two five-rapid data in thousands. I finally found one in this room allows us to more easily without hesitation.

“Gu’s Bay Resort at Bailan Bay is where we must go.”

We booked two nights in an air conditioned room than 2,400 baht fee from Thiago our generous 555 at this point, many people have raised questions in mind, that to me. We are ready to āštlgak

“Hey boss, we drive nearly 20 kilometers of white sandy beaches … When you reach” Yes, we are here waiting for my first ever beach beach beach two ticks on.

White Sand Beach Klong Prao and Kai Bae Beach, Lonely beach destination is Palm Beach.

As part of Palm Beach to look to the right. A small sign in front of a small alley oil bottle. Turn into it will find a sign in front of the resort.

Granted, we drove back very far. But it was a small private tourists to the island at the end, very few actually make it quite private. Few people and quiet place to relax. But we simply can not tolerate inaction. I only have my head in the other reviews here with a private beach. (The beach is a stone into the sea less convenient) wide open view to the horizon.