Best time to visit Thailand

Climate in Thailand

The weather and climate in Thailand is fairly predictable, but there have been some affects of the changing global climate already.

In general, the rainy season stops around the end of October – making November to May the hottest, driest, and also most popular months to travel around Thailand. Many will argue that this is the best time to visit Thailand, however prices will be higher and there will be many more tourists.  At both ends of that season you have a higher likelihood of rain, as Mother Nature doesn’t always follow the calendar.

April and May are unbearably hot, however the Thai New Year celebration known as Songkran takes place every April to help cool things down by hosting a country-wide water fight for several days. The focus of Songkran is Chiang Mai and it is big…think “Mardis Gras” big, so plan your travel accordingly.

November, December, and January tend to be the most pleasant months and are pretty much the peak of the tourist season in Thailand.

Holidays in Thailand

Thailand is a huge tourist destination so prices and traffic will skyrocket during festivals and holidays.  Some to watch out for are:

  • Songkran  (middle of April – Chiang Mai is greatly affected)
  • King’s Birthday  (December 5th – Bangkok will be the most affected)
  • Chinese New Year (the date moves, usually Jan or Feb)
  • Christmas (December 25th)  – loads of Australians choose to spend the holiday here

Each month on the night of the full moon there is a huge party held on the island of Ko Phangan called the “Full Moon Party” with 15,000 or more people gathering there.  This even affects accommodation on the surrounding islands of Ko Samui and Ko Tao – so check the lunar calendar!

Any time of year is the best time to visit Thailand, if it is raining on one side of the country, rest assured that you can find interesting villages or islands that are drier on the other side.  In the rainy season prices are lower and negotiations are generally easier than when the high season is in full swing.